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Ladies Golf NYC

Evan is here to make it as easy as possible!

"Evan's an INCREDIBLE instructor! He gives precise and tangible recommendations that improve your golf game right from the start. He was patient about improving my golf swing, but knowledgeable enough that I made quick and steady progress. It was always a delight to take a lesson with him, and I would recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their swing/handicap in a short period. Five stars!" -Luisa Arias

"Evan is an awesome coach! He helped me understand my golf swing and has really improved my game. I always look forward to our hour together." Nina Agdal - Supermodel (Sports Illustrated)

Ladies Golf Instruction

Ladies, have you taken the time to think about how a golf lesson should cater to you specifically? Let's face it, with golf courses as long as they are today and the greens rolling fast and hard, playing golf with a low swing speed can be difficult! Evan Cather is here to help make it easier.


Luckily, you have found the right place!

I am available for ladies golf lessons at two locations in Manhattan!

1. Randalls Island Golf Center UES

2. Golf Manhattan - Midtown 39th & 6th

Hands & Wrists

Golfers, especially those new to the game, need to learn how to control their hands and wrists first. Being able to grip the club correctly, understand how the arms and wrists move in the golf swing so that you swing the club on plane, make center contact, and control the clubface all while maximizing speed are important skills to master.

Creating Power!

There are ladies who BOMB it! But the reality is that distance in women's golf is a challenge. Click below for some great power tips! Train with Evan using the Super Speed Golf Program. More speed will help you hit it farther and longer.

Short GAme

Having an adept short game (chipping, pitching, putting) has become increasingly important. How much time are you devoting to that portion of your game? Click below to check out a short-game video on Revolution Golf.

Course Management

How well do you think your way around the golf course? The simulators are perfect for learning different on-course scenarios!

​Often, the woman with the best short game and course management is going to win her league!

​What type of shot do you hit around the greens? A chip or a pitch?

When would you hit your 7 iron vs. your hybrid?

What mental techniques are you using around the golf course?

Are you able to answer these questions?


Whether you're competing for your club championship or learning golf to keep up with everyone at the office, Evan is here for you!!

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